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Biomarker, Genetic & Functional Testing

About Biomarker Testing

   Imagine the body as a giant, complex "circuit board". If a circuit "breaks", it leads to a malfunction which may or may not be noticed. If several circuits break, symptoms may occur. The Organix biomarker technology is able to look at "labels" (specific molecules from specific body systems) that are eliminated in the urine. Each "label" or "biomarker" reveals the functioning capacity of important body circuits. This information allows for true healing of underlying conditions which create disease.

About Genetic Testing

   Our "circuit board of life" is directed by genes. Through dramatic advances in biotechnology we know that genes interact with life rather than predetermine it. Genes have "tolerance levels" to life stresses and vary between individuals in "how much they can take". For example, an inflammation-producing gene may be activated more easily in one person than another. Individuals have the power to de-stress their low-tolerance genes if they know which ones to target. Genetic testing from cells rinsed from your mouth measures the tolerance level of specific important genes for heart and cardiovascular health, bone health, inflammatory conditions, and others. These tests are done only once and present the "fingerprint" of personal susceptibilities so that one may take protective measures and avert disease.

About Functional Medicine Testing

   Unlike the traditional type of medical tests that are meant to label a combination of symptoms in order to select the best drug protocol, functional testing finds the conditions in the body that created symptoms. Using this information helps us avert disease and heal current disease.


updated November 28, 2007


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