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Subtle Vital Functions of Spirit, Mind, and Body
(another personal note from Robert Schore)

   I blended my experiences in medical practice over the past 38 years to help me understand and bridge the gap between the physical and non-physical. Physical is what you can touch, see, diagnose, and feel with your senses. The Non-physical is what you can see, feel, and touch intuitively. I access my intuition by completely turning off my logical mind and reasoning. Then I enter a meditative state and access subtle energy levels, acting as a channel, a conduit or connection, between spirit and body. Sensitive medical practitioners say this is the essence of good bedside manner or even the placebo effect. The modalities I use to assist me in healing patients are homeopathy, osteopathy, energy healing, nutrition, bioidentical hormone therapy, and what I learned in medical school about human structure and function.

   Homeopathic medicine stimulates the body to heal itself by working at the interface between the energetic and physical bodies, between the physical and non-physical.

   Osteopathic touch works at the juncture between the physical and non-physical by feeling the natural movement of energy that occurs at that level.

   Energy healing connects to the interface between the physical and non-physical acting as a conduit between those two dimensions and allowing healing energy to flow. This can be done in the presence of a patient (local or hands-on healing) or at a distance (non-local, distant or remote healing).

   Bioidentical hormones act at the deepest level of the physical body not only to stimulate restoration of the physical body at its core but also to replace essential hormones which the body no longer can produce.

   Conventional medical training, while essentially ignoring the subtle functions of spirit, mind, and body, does teach how to recognize medical emergencies and to suppress symptoms, something useful to know now and then.

   Everyone I've ever met, especially my patients, helped me on my spiritual journey. A partial list of those who helped me on my spiritual healing path as a medical doctor is shorter and sharable with you.

DJ Zentner
     - my beautiful wife and co-worker.
Dr Samuel Hahnemann, 1755-1843
     - a visionary and the founder of Homeopathy.
Dr Joyce Hawkes,
     - my friend who sees and shows us the bridges to healing.
Marvin Rosenberg,
     - my good buddy with the love and insight of a saint.
The late Dr med Jost Künzli
     - my humble homeopathic mentor.
Harry Edwards Healing Foundation,
     - focusing on the essence of healing.
Marcello Jainer, Philippine healer
     - who corrected my course through life without saying a word.
Dr Bonnie Bennett
     - my good friend who knows how to be a genuine physician.
The late Dr Rollin Becker
     - an osteopathic wizard.
Dr Jeffrey Bland,
     - a man of wisdom and courage.
Larry Dossey, MD,
     - who is helping to heal the medical profession.
Joseph Smith, MD and Donald Bennett, MD, medical school teachers
     - who saw the real me.

Updated November 28, 2007


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