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Lifestyle Coaching

   At COREhealth you get a little lifestyle coaching every time we visit. In time, you will learn what you need to change to de-stress your lifestyle.

   Two brilliant lifestyle coaches are listed below:

   Nan Yurkanis
      The Quest for Rest program
      Tel: 206.931.3009
      Adrenal stress is one of the major issues for women. Nan
         developed a brilliant, practical method for women aimed at
         reducing the impacts of stress on the body-mind. This is a
         fast-track towards a more balanced life. Nan's
         compassionate heart and loving eminence could soothe a
         hungry lion!

   Marvin Rosenberg
      Tel: 206.427.0673
      Marvin has a gift for listening and observing with a big open
         heart. He knows how to resonate with his client's core
         issues and gently guides them to resolution. His wisdom
         provokes the answers to many issues pertinent to our
         pressured lives. 

   Jim Buss
      Tel: 206.817.6893
      Jim has a unique gift for perceiving how you relate to the
         world in which you live. His gentle way of showing you who
         you are is remarkable.


updated November 28, 2007


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