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Cellebration Programs

   These personalized 3-month programs are designed to reduce pain, symptoms, and disease, using special recipes for becoming healthier and staying younger.

   After food and lifestyle corrections are made, concentrated nutrients in supplement form may be used strategically to accelerate healing. COREhealth uses a sequential method of stimulating natural healing systems. Supplements do not heal, but they may, if used appropriately, activate natural healing functions. Cellebration programs use supplements strategically:

  1. They are used to nudge (not hammer) the body to heal a specific system more effectively.

  2. Programs are used in the short term, because, when a body system is functioning better on its own, the supplement is not needed and could impede further healing. Your Cellebration Supplement Programs are targeted to specific areas of your body, and when that area functions better, a new program will be developed to target the next system in the sequence of your healing. Cellebration Supplement Programs are followed for 2 to 4 months, on average.

  3. The supplement products we use are scientifically constructed to reach a certain system in the body without causing extra work for the body to get rid of excess or filler components present in supplements of lesser quality. For example, Metagenics' raison d'ŕtre is to map the biochemical matrix of circuits in the body so that the compounds they develop truly activate targeted "circuits" in the body that need repair.

  4. If you need a Cellebration Supplement Program, we will study your case by reviewing:

- Where you began . . . tests, blood work, personal descriptive information on your forms and interview notes.

- Changes you have made and feedback from your body and tests.

- Individual tolerance levels and sensitivities to changes and interventions.

- Rate of repair, scope of rebuilding and adjust supplemental nourishment to the same body system or move to next system in the sequence.

- If Curas˘hm Formula is appropriate.

- Food plan if necessary

- The balance of relieving unpleasant symptoms while the underlying healing is taking place.


updated November 28, 2007


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