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Bio-identical Hormone Balancing Therapy (HBT)

   Dr Schore attended Dr Diana Schwarzbein's postgraduate courses in nutrition and bioidentical hormone balancing therapy and completed her examinations for her Level I and Level II HRT which required a grade above 90% in order to be listed on her website as a referral practitioner.

   There are almost as many ways of prescribing hormones as there are practitioners. However they all agree that bioidentical hormones are safer than conventional hormones and appear (when accompanied by sound nutritional practices) to be preventative of the degenerative diseases common in our aging population, among them osteoporosis, heart disease, and dementia.

   Dr Schore chose to incorporate Dr Schwarzbein's teachings into his practice, because they are multi-system oriented and discourage a simple "this-for-that" strategy. They encourage practitioners to be cognizant of all levels of the patient at all times and to honor principles of good nutrition.

   The basic rules of HBT are simple:
       1.  Identify which hormones are missing.
       2.  Replace the missing hormones with the same hormones.
       3.  Mimic normal physiology as closely as possible.
       4.  Monitor hormone therapy with appropriate testing.

   Important to remember is that it takes a lot of work on the part of the patient and doctor to monitor HBT. Every body is different and it is most important to honor those differences -- allowing your body to self-heal by feeding it healthy food, managing stress appropriately, avoiding drugs and toxic chemicals, and exercising regularly. About 80% of distressing menopause and andropause symptoms will subside if these basic rules of good living are respected. Then, if you still need HBT, it will work much better for you.

   For more information about HBT, read The Program, by Diana Schwarzbein, MD and The Sexy Years, by Suzanne Somers (available from booksellers); also read the forms referenced in the right column of our Patient Forms page.

   If you are a HBT patient of COREhealth and need a refill of your prescription, please give us two weeks notice. It's best that you calculate your hormone needs in advance, then call the pharmacy. If refills are not authorized, they will contact us for authorization. However, if refills are not authorized, it's almost always because a follow-up visit is necessary before we can refill your prescription. Please plan ahead. If you are too busy to plan ahead, consider that there may be too much stress in your life.

   Also, on the day you have your blood drawn to measure hormone levels, remember that you take your morning dose of hormones after the blood is drawn not before you go to the lab.


updated November 28, 2007


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