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I think about you with kindness often and am thankful for the head start you helped me achieve as far as my health challenges.

My health is so much better than it used to be. I continue to improve each day.

                                       - L.C., Vancouver, BC


Wanted to thank you for the workshop last night (November 1, 2007). It is so inspiring to hear the motivation and goals you have. Many of us have been looking for what you are offering. The world needs physicians who are teachers and can help us interpret our bodies. It is wonderful to see professionals who realize that the right food can prevent disease and heal. It is a blessing to have the two of you. What a great blend of skill you two have to offer!

                                       - S.M., Redmond, WA


Dr Schore and DJ have created for me a journey of self discovery unique to my metabolism and health issues. Teaching me how to be responsible for understanding and creating a disease free lifestyle for myself.

As a recently retired corporate executive at 56 I was seeking advice on how to eliminate 14 symptoms that my body was expressing. I just was not finding the correct answers to my questions from my other health care providers with prescribing more pills, creating more symptoms, resulting in more pills. You get the picture.

That all changed when I visited COREhealth and met Robert and DJ.

Today 32 months later, Robert and DJ have guided me to renewed health. To date, we have eliminated 9 of the 14 symptoms and significantly improved the remaining five. I have trimmed 42 pounds from my body. With their help I now follow a diet rich in nutrients and a lifestyle that continues to nurture my metabolism and increase my vitality and health.

This journey is exciting and to watch my body transform to it's natural state of health and vitality is very satisfying. My goal is to continue to improve my own special health matrix and to live a long, disease free life. I am confident I will accomplish this with the competent, loving, highly creative guidance of both Robert and DJ.

                                            - N.C., Edmonds, WA


What a first three weeks on the program. I had a severe reaction to the drug, Zetia 10mg. Muscle pain in the back just below the rib cage, joint pain in almost every joint, most painful in the knees. I also experienced kidney pain in all three of my kidneys (I have three). I was bedridden for about a week after I stopped taking the Zetia. I increased my water intake above 63 ounces and took bromelain psyllium husks, and lots of fresh veggies. My wife put me on Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar daily and after 10 days of recovery, I feel good.

I think I will now be patient and allow my diet to heal me, refusing drugs. Since I started "The Program" I have lost 12 pounds, even having to eliminate exercise due to drug reaction. But, now I am back on track.

Good points: 1. Don't feel deprived  2. Enjoy the fresh veggies  3. Feel better already  4. Like the idea of being "healthy" about drugs  5. Can evolve into full program compliance  6. Feel like a winner.

Also, I plan to get off the blood pressure medication once I've reduced another 50 pounds. I will taper off. The 25mg is the smallest dose, so I will cut out one day a week, then two, then three, then off completely. I expect to do this over a month after 4-5 months of the program and exercise. Thanks for the recommendations.

E.D., Michigan


I came to Dr Schore after 5 years of trying to get help for unrelieved menopause symptoms.

Conventional doctors had prescribed standard bio-identical hormone products, then counseling and antidepressants, which did very little to help. Dr Schore listened patiently and ordered the right lab tests to discover what my real problems were. We adjusted my diet and compounded hormone prescriptions to find the right dose to relieve my symptoms. Thanks to Dr Schore’s expertise and my husband’s support, my symptoms are either gone or greatly improved and I continue to feel healthier. I feel I am living a normal life again by enjoying my grandchildren and going back to work.

                                            - D.K., Des Moines, WA



Updated November 5, 2007



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