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About DJ Zentner, Nutrition Expert

   DJ was educated at the University of Washington in nutrition, health education and food science. As a result of the institutional "white" world of a 1970's dietician (in which therapeutic meals consisted of white bread, Saltines, white rice and the required dose of Jell-O) she was driven to reinvent the institutional model of healthy food. DJ chose the restaurant industry for this application.

   In 1978, Caf Optimum was established. As CEO and Executive Chef, her innovation in applying progressive nutritional principles within the commercial food industry set a new standard referred to as "Northwest Cuisine". Based upon DJ's extensive knowledge of food and its core participation in sustaining optimum health, she radically redesigned restaurant product and protocol. Caf Optimum received numerous accolades and top ratings for excellence, but its true legacy resides in the transformation of consciousness within the Northwest restaurant industry.

   In 1992, using similar principles applied to Caf Optimum, DJ developed the Optimum COREhealth Program with the mission "Add more years to your life and more life to your years." Caf Optimum was translated into an efficient system of nourishment designed for use by individuals at home. In 2002, she further refined the system for educational use in a clinical setting.

   Optimum innovative practices changing public perspective:

  • The first non-smoking restaurant

  • All meal components were made with whole, real food.

  • Served the first hook-and-line-caught fish, caught, bled and delivered by small fisheries within three days (10-14 days is the norm).

  • Optimum fish was oven-poached at low temperatures to preserve nourishment and texture.

  • Meals included two cups of life-giving, fresh, colorful, sublimely-seasoned vegetables.

  • The organic salad greens common today were grown by DJ's request by local farmers and considered s unusual that a menu describing each green was served with the salads.

  • Used only unaltered, non-toxic fats in cooking, dressings and sauces.

  • No use of pre-packaged, industrial or canned foods.

  • Used only local lamb and chickens allowed to graze and feed naturally.

  • Used raw dairy products with fats and proteins undestroyed by heat.

  • Served low-glycemic, whole-food desserts.

  • Used whole, real unprocessed salt, dried from the ocean and contributing valuable electrolytes to the meal.

  • Used whole, organic grains, primarily non-gluten.

  • Served coffee roasted and tested for preservation of antioxidant oils and minimal tannic acid. Caf Optimum brewed it by the cup at the table or from the 3rd espresso machine in Seattle.


Updated October 4, 2007


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