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Our Philosophy

   True health is honed by sinking into the core of one's being wherein lies the capacity to act with wisdom, choose with passion, intend with direction, live with gratitude, discern with clarity and proceed with love and a willing heart. These are the core elements of being that provide guidance through a process unique to each and every person, whereby health is illuminated by our communion with life itself.

   The restoration of health is not found in a prescription; it cannot be bought or given, nor is it found through any one person or by following a set of rules. It is not a linear paradigm. One person cannot define it for another. There is no right or wrong choice.

   Restoring health requires a conscious understanding of a functioning organism with interrelated systems which hold an innate perfection capable of sustaining an unfathomable life force under the most dire circumstances. We cannot solve the mystery of life but we can honor that it is so, and proceed with the intention of minimizing the forces that impede the spark of life while optimizing those that lift the being to its greatest potential.

   We define health as a state of abundant well-being free of imbalances which impede optimal functioning, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Health care is a therapeutic system which nurtures health and supports healing. Healing is the road to health. Quality health care is free of side-effects and respects the whole person, mind and body. By its very nature quality health care prevents disease. The ultimate responsibility for our good health and healing lies with us.

   Now ask yourself these questions:
       What is your definition of health?
       What is your definition of health care?
       What is your definition of prevention?
       With regard to health care, what is your definition of quality?
       Are you getting healthier and receiving quality health care?
       Who is responsible for your health and healing?


Updated May 18, 2007


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