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How to make your office visits shorter

   At COREhealth we provide our patients with uniquely individualized care. In order to do this we carefully analyze many details of each patient’s history, exam, and tests. As you can imagine, this takes time. Our fees are based on the time we spend with you in the office, speaking with you on the telephone, and studying your case after office hours. This is a strikingly different and more effective model for patient care than the conventional health care system which is burdened with routine protocols and legal structures which generate high overhead costs passed on to the patients through higher insurance premiums and co-pays. For example, the average cost of a 5-minute visit to a medical doctor in October, 2003 was $79. A 20-minute insurance-coded visit averaged $219. Of course, this is apart from the costs of medical procedures, drugs, and hospitalizations which we, at COREhealth, strive to prevent. We want our patients to be drug-free and permanently healthier after our treatment. Our motto is, Add more years to your life and more life to your years.

   We focus on all of you when we visit with you and when we study your case after hours. You can participate in your care, saving us time and you money, by thinking carefully about your health and your progress before you consult with us. Think about everything that you want cured and how your symptoms have changed. Keep a few notes, organize your lab reports chronologically and by category, write brief summaries, or make symptom logs or charts. Any information you provide which is concise and organized will save time at your visit and allow us to analyze your case more quickly.

             In particular we need to know:

  • the main reasons for your office visit or telephone call. Please do not send e-mail.

  • how your energy level changed since your last visit.

  • how your state of mind changed since your last visit.

  • what you think the last treatment did for you.

  • what is better; what is worse; what is unchanged; what new symptoms occurred.

  • about any new medication or nutritional supplement you are taking.

  • about any new tests or treatments you received from other practitioners.

   Our goal for our patients is optimal health through good nutrition and the use of science-based medical therapy. We want our patients to be happy and healthy, free of illness and free of the need for doctors or treatment.


updated May 18, 2007


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