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   Joyce Hawkes, PhD
      180 Nickerson, Suite 106
      Seattle, WA 98109
      Tel: 206.284.6900
      Joyce is a healer par excellence. Her book Cell-Level Healing
         tells it all.

   Elaine Dines
      Shen Therapy
      Tel. 206.992.5113
      Elaine's compassion for the human spirit emanates joyously
         through her light healing touch.

   Harry Edwards Healing Foundation
      Harry Edwards was one of the most renowned healers of the
         21st century. His students and books radiate the essence of
         spiritual healing.

   The Institute for Functional Medicine
      Representing the leading edge of the new medical paradigm

   National Center for Homeopathy,
      A major national homeopathic information source

   The Cranial Academy
      8202 Clearvista Parkway, #9-D
      Indianapolis, IN 46256
      Tel: 317-594-0411
      National office for information related to cranial osteopathy

LIFESTYLE COACHING, click here for more
   Nan Yurkanis
      The Quest for Rest program
      Tel: 206.931.3009

   Marvin Rosenberg
      Tel: 206.427.0673

   Jim Buss
      Tel: 206.817.6893

   For a list of Biological Dentists and information about dental
      amalgam fillings, visit

   Brix 25
      7707 Pioneer Way
      Gig Harbor, WA 98335
      Tel: 253.858.6626
      One of the few restaurants on the planet that serves
         healthy vegetables, balanced meals, without damaged fats
         and over-cooking

   Power of 10, by Adam Zickerman
      Revolutionary way to exercise moderately and stay in shape.

   The Schwarzbein Principle II, by Diana Schwarzbein, MD
   The Program, by Diana Schwarzbein, MD
Dr Schwarzbein is among the most forward-thinking physicians
      on the planet. visit

GENERAL HEALTH is probably the most popular medical website
      in the world; lots of practical, common-sense information for
      both patients and doctors.

   Tropical Traditions
      Really good, pure coconut

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