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Labs we use

   We choose to use the following labs because of their reliability, cost and expertise. Insurance may or may not cover tests we order from these labs. If you pay COREhealth for the tests at the time of your visit, your cost may be significantly lower than your cost if the the lab bills you or if the lab bills your insurance company. Before we order tests, please decide if you want to pay COREhealth or if you want the lab to bill your insurance company. If you decide to ask the lab to bill your insurance company, we will charge you a nominal fee for studying and charting test results.

   We negotiated reduced lab costs with them; they have drawing stations throughout the continental United States, and they provide us with online access to lab results. Their serum estradiol test is most accurate for monitoring HBT, and they are a reference lab for many outlying smaller labs.

   Located in Tukwila, Washington, this lab provides us with accurate salivary cortisol testing.

   A cutting-edge research and clinical laboratory facility located in Georgia, noted for their urinary metabolite assays which help to define hidden metabolic causes for many degenerative diseases.

Genova Diagnostics:
   Another cutting-edge research and clinical laboratory which provides us with urinary hormone assays and other functional medicine testing.

   Go to the following link to find a list of tests from which we want you to choose gluten and cow's milk stool tests. Each of these state-of-the-art tests costs you $99. Please read the website for more useful information and to learn about other tests you may choose to order. Please send us a copy of the reports you receive from the lab. We recommend that all patients order these tests, because of the high incidence of gluten and dairy intolerance in this country. Avoiding gluten and dairy can significantly improve your health without incurring any medical care costs. Almost 100% of patients with diabetes or autoimmune illnesses are allergic to gluten.

U.S. BioTek:
   Provides us with accurate, relatively low-cost blood food allergy tests.

Your local clinical lab or hospital lab:
   This type of laboratory is located in almost every community which has a local doctor. If you live in an outlying community, for a nominal fee, these labs will prepare and ship blood and urine samples to the labs we use regularly.



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