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How to monitor & report symptoms

How to monitor symptoms between visits

It's easy. Just carry a pen and journal or just a few scraps of paper and a pencil.

   Regarding food and drink, write in your journal:
      -- What you ate, including all the ingredients.
      -- Time of day you ate it.
      -- Quantity you ate.

   Regarding symptoms:
      -- Make note of unusual sensations, feelings, moods.
      -- Note time of day it occurred.
      -- Venture a guess at what caused the symptom.
      -- Note what makes the symptom better or worse.
      -- Observe the quality of your sleep and how much you sleep.
      -- Make note of your energy level and how it varies.

   If you find you don't have time for journaling, probably there is too much stress in your life. Reducing or managing stress is part of your cure.

How to report symptoms to us

   That's even easier! Summarize your notes and bring them to your next office visit. We're going to ask you what's better, what's the same, and what's worse compared to your last visit. Remember, the goal is continued improvement on all levels until you are completely well. We expect improvement after every visit.

   Remember also that symptoms are your friends. You need them to show the way to your core health issues. After the core imbalances are cured, you no longer need the symptoms and they disappear


updated May 18, 2007


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