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Our appointment process

1.      Be ready and willing to make appropriate changes at your own pace.

2.      Schedule an initial appointment with Dr Schore. (A VISA or MasterCard credit card is required to hold the appointment. $195 cancellation fee will be charged for a new patient appointment cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.)

3.      Fill out the New Patient Questionnaire and Symptom Survey. Mail them to us so that we receive them at least two days before your appointment. Our address is COREhealth, 2727 Hollycroft St., Suite 390, Gig Harbor, WA 98335.

4.      If you have previous lab tests you would like us to review, assemble similar tests in chronological order and bring them to your appointment.

5.      Arrive at your appointment. We schedule 2-3 hours for new patients. Along with a detailed interview, the appointment may include:

a.      In-office testing: blood glucose, cell-matrix, mineral levels, bio-impedance.

b.      Initial treatment: osteopathic session, homeopathic remedy, nutritional supplements, dietary information.

6.      You will be given your first steps to incorporate into your life and will complete any tests decided upon.

7.       When test results return, DJ and Robert will review your case on their own and then together. From this collaboration, a COREhealth Sequenced Strategy for Improvement will be developed. This is a template plan; your mind/body sensitivities and feedback will be incorporated along the way.

8.      At the Second Appointment with Dr Schore, you will be guided in understanding how the test results reveal the functioning of body systems. (DJ provides written interpretation documents for some tests.) With the overall strategy in mind, you will be given a plan for a personalized dietary cuisine and a basic Nutrient Program. This appointment usually lasts 30-60 minutes.

9.      You have the option of scheduling an appointment with DJ (in person or by telephone) for further development of your dietary cuisine with practical ideas matched to your life and methods of removing stress involved with shopping and meal preparation.

Since the object of COREhealth is to guide you in restoring normal function, your Nutrient Programs will change as each body system is repaired. DJ will develop the Sequenced Nutrient Programs by reviewing your case and with an appointment if necessary.

10.   Follow-up appointments: These may be in-office or by telephone. You may check in more often in the beginning, then every 2 or 3 months will keep you improving. Patients normally experience improvement right away, but the sequenced healing process may take 1-2 years.


updated August 28, 2007


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