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Office Policies and How to Reach Us

What do I do if I have a problem between visits?

   If you have a problem between our consultations, please call and let us know what kind of a problem you are having. This helps us to prioritize your call. Because we are with patients during the day, or for other reasons, we may not be able to talk to you immediately when you call with questions.

   Leave us a voicemail message – Please do not send email. Tell us why you are calling, your telephone number(s), including area code, and a few choices of times we can reach you. When leaving a recorded message, please give us a clear and brief description of your problem. Do not explain in great detail; we will call you back to discuss the details.

   When we’ll get back to you -- We make every effort to return calls the same day you contact us. For routine problems or questions, it may take a few days for us to get back to you. For urgent problems, if we are not immediately available to talk with you, we will usually call you within an hour or two.

   For brief, non-urgent questions -- You can also send your question to us by Fax (253.590.0881). If we feel your question is too complex for a faxed answer, or we need more information, we will call you to set up an appointment to discuss your concerns. Please do not send email.

   For emergencies -- Please call the nearest emergency medical center. If your situation is life threatening, please call 911 immediately. If your problem is not an emergency but cannot wait until the next day, call Dr Schore’s cell phone. The number is in our office voicemail message. There is a charge for this service.

   After hours & weekends -- If your problem is urgent and you’re calling after hours, you can reach Dr Schore by calling our main office number (253.857.8000); the recorded message will tell you how to reach him. Because our services are unique and personalized, there is nobody to cover for us when we are not available, so you may need to consult the nearest urgent care facility. 

   We are human. If you do not hear back from us in a timely fashion, please call back!  There’s a lot going on in the office, and occasionally, much to our dismay, a message does get lost. Please understand, be patient, and we will do our best to help. Thank you!

Will you be my primary doctor?

    We are a specialty clinic and do not serve as primary care providers. You should have a primary care physician for health care matters such as routine physical exams and emergencies. We are available to you for any questions and concerns related to our program or for any other questions we feel we are qualified to answer. 

   By appointment, we can discuss your health concerns with you, and we encourage you to share what you learn at COREhealth with your primary care physician. If your primary doctors do not know whether their prescribed treatments will conflict with the nutritional, bioidentical hormone, homeopathic, or other treatments you requested from us, please ask your doctors to call us. All therapies mingle, sometimes harmoniously, sometimes not.

   We are happy to discuss your medical care with any of your other doctors who have questions or are interested. Please ask them to call us with their specific questions and concerns. We send records to them only with your written and verbal consent.

updated April 24, 2009


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