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Getting Started

   Our only requirement is that you are ready and willing to embrace your true potential. Our objective is to orchestrate changes which are easy for you without a feeling of deprivation or added stress . . . changes which are fulfilling and restorative, inspiring you to persist in attaining core health.

   The first step is to find out how you are "different". While all humans have the same organ systems, the way in which these parts communicate with each other is unique to each individual. Genes control a matrix system of information stimulated to various degrees by outer circumstances. The susceptibility of genes to change from environmental stimulation is the "thumbprint" of individuality. Here is where the new technologies of functional metabolic testing become useful in diagramming your personal "thumbprint" and identifying outer stresses that keep you from your core health. Together, we will select the biomarker tests which will provide the most pertinent information for the least amount of time, energy and money.

   The next step is where we, Robert and DJ, shine at COREhealth! Once your tests are completed and your forms filled out (see patient forms), we study your case together and apart. This process allows us to use our innate gifts of seeing the big picture and the intricacies within it. We assess the sequence of physical breakdown by outer stresses and the most potent order of healing steps. We apply honed wisdom, intuition, and vast experience to our overview of you, and we help you synthesize daily practices which will stimulate great change in your physiology without any feeling of deprivation. This is our greatest service to you and the deepest expression of our divine gifts in healing.

   After we create the COREhealth Sequenced Strategy for Improving Your Health, you and your body determine the pace of your healing. You participate in your healing by contributing your own intelligence, intuition, and power of choice.

   One thing we know for sure is that everyone will get better who chooses and acts to improve their health.




updated May 18, 2007


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