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How to follow your nutritional programs

   If you have questions after receiving your new food and supplement programs, please read this section completely.

   There is no one way to do things, and there are no mistakes if you listen to your own natural intuitive impulses.

   Each new program requires your participation in fine tuning it to fit you. We can provide science, analysis, and our wisdom, but it won't work without your perceptivity.

   We cannot recommend the absolute correct supplement dose for every condition of your life. We do recommend a template from which to begin. It includes the fewest products for the greatest benefit and a suggested dose that you will adjust to your own body. There is no set dose that is right or wrong. Your job is to take the program template with the suggested doses and "tune in" to when, how often and how much of each supplement feels right to you in your body. There is no specific feedback to look for. More is not necessarily better. Your responsibility is to trust yourself and arrive at the right dose for you. The dose on the program may be just fine — or not.

   Here is a possible approach . . . the one DJ uses because her body is ultra sensitive and responsive (the proverbial "canary in the mine shaft"). Choose one supplement on the list — it doesn't matter which one. Begin taking one dose the first day, two doses the second day, and three the third day if the schedule lists three times per day. Decide which day worked the best for you (many factors may apply such as remembering to take a mid-day dose). If none of the doses feels right, put it aside, go to the next supplement with the same process and later re-try the one that, at first, didn't feel right. If it still does not feel right, discontinue taking it. Keep notes of your thoughts and feelings for your next appointment or program update. If a supplement creates an unpleasant reaction, that is valuable information for understanding additional underlying conditions.

   If you have a population of bacteria, yeast, fungus or parasites in your body, revealed by testing, the elimination of these causes a release of toxins as they "die off". You may feel more tired or "not quite right". This situation requires you to titrate the dose to the level where you can still function while you are reducing pathogenic populations and feeling just a little bit more tired.

   Another dosing exercise is with Betaine Hydrochloride (Betaine HCl). This is produced by the parietal cells in the stomach and provides the environment where large protein molecules may be broken apart so the body can use them for repair ingredients. As they age, many individuals produce less than optimum concentrations of HCl. This means that nourishment is less able to enter the bloodstream, especially the crucial B Vitamins. Click on this link to our method for finding your effective dose of Betaine HCl.


updated May 18, 2007


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