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Our Fees

   All fees are payable at the time of the consultation by check, cash, VISA, or MasterCard. We must have your credit card number on file prior to any telephone or mail consultation.

   Patients are responsible for payment of their accounts at the time of service. Services are charged to patients not to any insurance company. COREhealth does not participate with Medicare or collect from or negotiate with insurance companies. Accordingly, we do not respond to their enquiries. On our receipts we provide procedure and diagnosis codes which, in our opinion, most closely fit the unique professional services offered at COREhealth. Patients file their own claims with their insurance company. Each insurance plan reimburses differently. Patients who are concerned about getting reimbursed should research this issue before their first visit to COREhealth. There is no law stating patients cannot be reimbursed without a procedure or diagnosis code. Lab test CPT codes are provided to us as a courtesy by several laboratories. We extend that courtesy to our patients with the understanding that COREhealth is not responsible for updating these codes. Medicare patients who consult non-participating providers may not be allowed to file claims with Medicare for reimbursement.

   Our fees include the time it takes us to review your case before, during, and after your appointment.

First Appointment - 495.00
   Meet Dr Robert Schore or nutritionist DJ Zentner. We discuss your challenges, symptoms and goals. Together we decide if your treatment will include nutritional guidance, additional testing, bioidentical hormone balancing, homeopathic medicine, cranial osteopathy, or an appropriate combination of two or more of these modalities. We spend an average of four to six hours on each new patient case including the time during your visit and after-hours study.

   For those who want only a homeopathic or cranial osteopathic initial appointment, fees are as follows.
   Classical Homeopathic First Appointment                $385.00
   Cranial Osteopathic First Appointment                    $245.00
   Combined Homeopathic/Cranial Osteopathic appt.   $495.00

Follow-up Appointments - Fees vary
     DJ Zentner
          Comprehensive in-office nutritional consultations     295.00
          Case study and nutritional program development     150.00
          Brief interim consultation                             fee is variable

     Dr Robert Schore routine office visit follow-up:
          up to 15 minutes                    75.00
          30 minutes                           125.00
          45 minutes                           195.00
          60 minutes                           245.00 

   Fees are the same for in-office, telephone, or mail consultations. Fees vary according to time.

   The minimum fee for studying and charting test results billed by laboratories to a patient's insurance is $38.

   The minimum fee for reviewing another physician's medical records is $99. There is no additional charge if the records can be reviewed during the patient's appointment.

   The fee for late cancellation (less than 24 hours notice) or an unexcused missed appointment is $125 for regular appointments, $195 for extended appointments.

updated March 13, 2008


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