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Announcements (updated October 18, 2011)

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  Consultations with Dr Schore are in person, by Skype webcam, or by telephone, by appointment only. Your emails and faxes will be saved until your appointment. If you want an appointment, call our COREhealth voice mailbox at 253.857.8000, leave your name and telephone number, and Dr Schore will call you to schedule an appointment.


  DJ is taking a writing sabbatical for at least the next year. Details to follow...


  Plan ahead for refills! If you are taking bio-identical hormones, plan at least two weeks ahead for refill requests. Call the pharmacy and ask for a refill. The pharmacy will fax a refill request to Dr Schore. If no refills are authorized, that means you are due for a follow-up appointment. If you wait until the last minute, your prescription bottle may be empty before you get your refill.


updated October 18, 2011


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