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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ordering Metagenics products online

How do I order Metagenics products from the online store?

On our website in the More Info section, you can access the Metagenics Online Store.

Click on Register Here (if this is your first order) -or- click Log On here. Then follow the instructions to register and place an order.

If you encounter problems with billing or ordering, call Metagenics directly at 800.692.9400. Ask for Meta-ehealth Customer Service. If you've forgotten your log-on ID/password, they can supply you with this information.

How do I solve billing or ordering problems from the Metagenics online store?

Call Metagenics directly at 800.692.9400.

I was instructed to order EPA-DHA 6:1, but there are several kinds. Which one should I get?

Order EPA-DHA 6:1 Enteric-Coated, unless otherwise instructed.


updated May 17, 2007