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A letter from Robert and DJ

   To us it seems as though the potential stresses in life have exponentially increased over the last few decades. We remember when telephones had a dial, party lines were not for food, and printed material was created on a typewriter! While technology is a blessing, each decade has added layers of complexity and demands upon our time. Personal energy is allocated to the max as the vision of what is possible often exceeds physical resources. Our combined passion for helping others has driven us to work 16-hour days while stretching our adrenals beyond their comfort zone. We had to grapple with our own limitations for consistent, daily multidimensional stresses. Robert has more endurance for this, and DJ's gentle frequency is drained by relentless outer demands.

   We are the human "scientific" research into practically fulfilling the needs of the body/mind while still meeting obligations in the world. The stretching of true physical capacity can create a "Catch 22" where exhaustion, lack of sleep or extra minutes, frustrations about failing health, or the need for monetary resources can make change seem nearly impossible. Let us tell you, we have lived it deeply -- and all amidst knowing how the stress can degrade our body's resiliency. We slowly and literally had to climb out of the paradox. Beyond any of the leading-edge functional medicine protocols, miracles of technology in metabolic testing or years of passionate study of how body systems relate, we believe our greatest service to you comes from our own life experience of creating practical solutions, nourishing to the body without adding one more extra stress. The beauty of our approach is that we designed it to be easily integrated into your life without adding more demands. It can be sensibly adapted to each person's life.

   We are honored to assist you in one of life's greatest challenges: taking care of yourself. Our website is designed to give you a comprehensive "big picture" -- so don't think you have to do it all. Life is about making small positive changes and letting them "sink in" before we add another change. We hope you will be inspired by the possibilities, and not overwhelmed by imagined requirements. True healing is gentle; it cures in its own time; our lives make way for it as we consider our desires and listen to our hearts. With compassion and encouragement from someone who's "been there", you can begin a transformation that will feed you for life.

Blessings from DJ and Robert            


   Robert Schore, MD and nutrition expert, DJ Zentner invite you to experience your optimum self.

   The Mission of COREhealth is to add more years to your life and more life to your years. No matter where you are on the health spectrum, you can improve your state of wellness and quality of life. That exquisite movement of life that holds a joyful heart, a sharp mind, and a limber body is just waiting to surge through every cell. All that is required is a readiness to remove the stresses that hold back the power of health.

   COREhealth assesses all the systems of the body as a synchronized whole combined with the unique signatures of each individual. Whereas conventional medicine may be good at managing a disease once it has occurred, COREhealth removes the conditions that may lead to a disease, using sophisticated technology that views individual biomarkers. If disease already exists and the underlying conditions are identified and removed, healing can occur.

   We call the many health transformations "ordinary miracles", because once the life stresses are out of the way, the miraculous power of energy is automatically restored to every cell.

   The expertise of COREhealth is in accurately identifying each person's health-impeding stresses, then developing user-friendly programs to remove them and allow core health to emerge. This does not mean deprivation which many people equate with change. True healing is about abundance, satiation, and being truly filled. Restoration of health is a strategy that allows nourishment to enliven every cell, adding more years to your life and more life to your years.


Before asking "How do I get more health care?", ask "How do I get more healthy?"



updated April 28, 2009


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